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Photo: in front of Turkmentelecom office
Turkmentelecom is losing its position on the Internet providers market
It seems that the golden time of the state-run telecommunications company Turkmentelecom, which for many years had served as the only Internet provider to Turkmen residents, is disgracefully coming to an end.

Turkmen cotton growers will have to pay more for the services of public offices
Traditionally, on 21 March, the day of spring equinox, when Nouruz is celebrated, cotton sowing campaign begins in Turkmenistan. It is in this time of the year when mass media, controlled by the President, are admiringly describing both wonderful awakening of the nature and the merits of G. Berdymukhamedov, who provides relentless support for hard-working daikhans. It seems that it should make the rural residents happy; but alas! along with increasing Presidents care, official and non-official extortions from cotton growers are also on the rise.

Drugs are running low
Following the establishment of the State Service on Combating Drugs, the authorities of Turkmenistan, by G. Berdymukhamedov`s initiative, launched a relentless fight against drugs. The amount of drugs in the country has indeed decreased.

Coupons for free gasoline
Cities and villages in Turkmenistan are facing a new boom: the authorities started distributing coupons for free gasoline for the first half of 2010. Thousands of private vehicles owners are storming the sites where the coupons are being issued. Frayed nerves and lost time are the price to be paid for the free gasoline.

Using newspapers
It is hard to find people who would volunteer to subscribe to newspapers and magazines in Turkmenistan. Mass subscription to periodicals is implemented by force. In some organizations of the Lebap and Dashoguz velayats, where officials are known for their particular zeal in executing the instructions from above, employees are given the option: either you subscribe to three periodicals, or you sign your application for dismissal. Naturally, people choose the lesser of the two evils.

Bribes paid for pilgrimage to Mecca
By preventing the citizens from making the annual pilgrimage to the Islamic shrines in Mecca and Medina, the country`s President deprived the religious officials of a significant income.

Hunger fainting before the parade
During rehearsals of the parade, many of the cadets of the Police Academy named after General of Army S. Niyazov fainted. Initially, the administration of the Academy considered it as an attempt to avoid the long hours of exhausting marching. However, the cadets were not pretending.

Traffic police at work
Turkmens have a saying: baigushyng rysgaly, that means that the owl will not stay without a catch. However, this interesting saying is often used not referring to the night hawk but to the people with swabs, who take advantage of the system of absolute bans existing in the country. These favorable conditions are very efficiently used by the transport police officers.

Here is your call-up paper!
Starting from October 1 a call for a regular autumn military draft will be announced. The relevant order was signed by the President mid September.

Happy new cult!
Artist to an artist: - Look, my friend: we will never be unemployed! - Why? - Because the Presidents portraits have to be changed in accordance with the color of his tie. - Correct; just as they had to change the portraits in accordance with Turkmenbashis hair color before.
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