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Turkmen phantom villages
Some villages, which exist in reality, are not indicated at the ground plans and not included into the registers, i.e. their existence is nowhere officially registered. However, people live their and try to settle their lives at the very least.

And what is the truth?...
Coming back to the publication
When the editor of the Chronicles of Turkmenistan website forwarded me the feedback on the article about night cities, I have to admit I was very surprised I did not expect such a strong reaction and discussion! Be it the variety of topics raised in the article, or the burning issues that led up to this, the issue of the night life of Turkmen cities has become a great concern and this cannot be ignored.

Night in the city
When the shades of night fall upon Turkmen towns and villages, the streets and boulevards look ghost-like. It is better not to show up outside your own apartment at this hour. After 11 pm, it is quite likely to be stopped by a walking or car police patrol and then it would be hard to avoid having to provide an explanation for why you came out on the street so late.

Foreign diplomas
Hundreds of young Turkmen residents are studying outside the country and many of them will be awarded diplomas of medical doctors, lawyers, psychologists, economists, journalists and political analysts this year. However, even under the current acute shortage of qualified human resources, the majority of graduates may be unwanted in their home country.

A photo from the book A grandson who makes his grandfathers dream comes true
It may have been satire
Tachmamed Djurdekov, the author of the book which for the time being is considered to be the main publication about the Turkmen president A grandson who makes his grandfathers dream comes true, used to be the editor of the Turkmen satire magazine Tokmak.

On the black lists for five years. What for?
In early October three young men, former students of the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), who were supposed to continue their studies at the American University in Bulgaria, were not allowed to board a Turkish Airlines plane. At the same, another two former students of the American University, who were going to Uzbekistan to continue their studies in another country, were also stopped at the Farab check point. According to the border guards, their names were on the list of those banned from exiting Turkmenistan.

Flu prevention Turkmen-style
Today representatives from the Health Ministry, who had banned school children from wearing respiratory masks, visited some (and probably all) schools of Ashgabat. According to the information from Ashgabat, the Ministry of Health and Health Care Industry of Turkmenistan is fighting not the spread of swine flu, but the spread of rumors about the AH1N1 virus epidemic.

Not every book leads to progress
During the last days of September, the 4th International Book Fair entitled A Book- the way to cooperation and progress took place in Turkmenistan. One can hardly argue with the title, as books are truly the way to progress. However, it does not seem to be the case of Turkmenistan itself.

Showing off can cost a life
The price paid for the short visit of the Turkmen President to the Dashoguz velayat has turned to be too high: the director of the school, which the President might have visited (or might have not) on his way, passed away.

Unsavoury visit
The day before yesterday, on May 26, President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov paid a short and unexpected visit to the Dashoguz velayat.
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