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Business in the Renaissance époque
Recently a friend of mine, who resides outside of Turkmenistan, was interested if it is possible to start a business in Turkmenistan. Sure!, I answered but this set me thinking.

gde dengi zin
Turkmen financial economists
The President of Turkmenistan signed a resolution on the establishment of the Stabilization Fund of Turkmenistan. In the current situation when the whole world is at fever pitch with the financial crisis, the decision sounds quite reasonable.

ocherednoy god nezavisimosti
A new independence anniversary
A sad replica concerning
This publication opens a new column of narrations on life and developments in Turkmenistan. The authors will include those who live both in Turkmenistan and outside the country but who are concerned with the events happening there. Below is the first publication of this series devoted to reflecting upon the results of a new year of independence.
Pages: 1 
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