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Soldiers' Mothers Converge on Abadan, Demanding Answers
Mothers of soldiers killed in the explosion in Abadan last week are descending on the ruined town of Abadan now, demanding to see their children, dead or alive, a source who requested anonymity told EurasiaNet today.

Mysterious Turkmen Blast Site Blocked Off
Police were guarding a smoldering blast site near the capital of Turkmenistan after a series of mysterious blasts severely damaged hundreds of houses in the town.

Turkmenistan, EU discuss human rights
The Human Rights Dialogue between the Turkmenistan and the European Union took place for the fourth time in Brussels, the EU reported.

Turkmen FM urges Russia to stop negative media propaganda
The Turkmen Foreign Ministry issued a statement relaying ongoing information attacks by Russian mass media against Turkmenistan, regarding an incident which occurred in the Turkmen city of Abadan.

Turkmenistan president 'sings own birthday song'
The president of isolated Turkmenistan marked his birthday by singing on national television a love song whose music and words he had penned himself.

NATO Official Visits Ashgabat
A NATO representative visited Ashgabat last week, but the NATO website did not have any press statement and the State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH) stuck to the usual careful script.

Rally Organizers Arrested; Complaints Commission Formed
Remember those 50 demonstrators in Ashgabat who were mad that their homes were being destroyed to make way for some new government buildings? Not surprisingly, police immediately dispersed them, and security agents launched an investigation to find the organizers.

Turkmenistan refuses to compensate MTS
Turkmenistan’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement refusing to compensate Russia’s MTS cell phone provider for losses after shutting down its operations in Turkmenistan market last year, reported June 18.

Central Asia: how to prevent and fight corruption?
A conference in Brussels to stress the importance of passing the EU's experience in preventing and fighting corruption to the emerging countries of the Central Asia region

Awaza, Turkmenistan: the most ill-conceived resort ever built?
Turkmenistan has ambitions to turn a shining city on the Caspian Sea into tourism's next Dubai. It has a long way to go, says Richard Orange.
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