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Photo  the entrance to Turkmenistans State Archives
Records, employee tenure and the elderly
If employee tenure was easily calculated before the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the meantime, on the contrary, it has become a very complicated issue. Multilateral international agreements are concluded, involving lengthy correspondence. This is coupled with foreign currency problemsThis procedure applies to emigrants who moved to other countries. What happens if an individual is still residing in Turkmenistan? He/she may not be eligible for a retirement pension.

The more people we send to jail the better!
In the country with a small number of inhabitants (about 5 mln), dozens of thousands of people (according to the data of human rights organizations, about 40 thousand) are currently kept in jails. Many of them have been convicted unlawfully on fabricated charges. This is how large numbers of law enforcers prove their vital importance to the country`s authorities.
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