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V. Paramonov: There will be no winners in the Big game for Turkmen gas
Exclusively for Chronicles of Turkmenistan
Below is an interview with Vladimir Paramonov, PhD in Political Sciences, expert on Central Asia, founder of the Central Eurasia project

Azhdar Kurtov: Turkmenistan sees only a change of heads of the Presidents` statutes while politics r
Below is an interview with Azhdar Ashirovich Kurtov, the editor-in- chief of the journal Problems of National Strategy of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, President of the Moscow Centre of Public Law Studies, a well-known political analyst, historian and jurist.

Nabucco suffers distress at the coast of Turkmenistan
Turkish companies firmly invaded virtually all most profitable spheres of Turkmenistan`s economics: construction, energetics and oil refining. Now an attack has been launched at the sweetest spot export of energy resources. Demonstrating the miracles of diplomatic flexibility, the Turkmen side, however, is sinking the zeal of Turkey in a deep bog of the vague promises.

G. Ashirov. Photo from
Thank you to the German Durdymukhamedovich!
Carrying the intolerable burden of being official representative of the Russian airlines (all 168!) in Turkmenistan, Mr German Ashirov, however, finds the time to attend symposiums and conferences in different countries of the world, where he represents the interests of the Russian diaspora living in Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan. Epoch of the great renaissance of tribalism
We are offering you below an exclusive interview given by Vitaliy Nikolaevich Khlyupin, a leading expert on geopolitical issues in Central Asia, political scientist, author of the books Who is who in the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Genocide. Russians in Kazakhstan: tragic fate", "Large family" of Nursultan Nazarbaev. Political elite of modern Kazakhstan" and many other works, and editor in chief of the website.

Turkmenistani citizens like NATO, Barack Obama and Turkmen manats
According to the results of the opinion poll, conducted by the world-known Gallup Company and published recently in the mass media, Turkmenistan was included in the first echelon of the world rating. According to this survey, Turkmenistan ranked eighteen among 155 countries of the world and number two in the Asian region in terms of standards and quality of life, leaving behind a number of developed countries and all CIS member states. State News Agency (TDH)

Permitted does not mean allowed
The Turkmen authorities are making numerous efforts to convince the international community that the country is moving towards democratic reform with fewer bans imposed and more rights and liberties provided for.

With the President on board
According to Saparmurat Niyazovs plan, Turkmen airlines was supposed to be the countrys trademark, a symbol of prosperity and a flagship of civil aviation not only in the Central Asia region, but across the entire former Soviet Union.

Dual citizenship: chronology of events
December 23, 1993 the Russian-Turkmen agreement On regulating dual citizenship issues is signed.

Turkmenistan airlines: hazardous flights
In 2007 the national airline carrier Turkmenkhovayollary named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great was excluded from the International Air Transport Association for non-compliance with the requirements set forth in the operations safety audit.
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