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Turkmen dissident TV
We would like to invite you to watch a new episode of the animated cartoon series featuring the adventures of our hero. Enjoy! We would be happy to receive the feedback from the viewers of Turkmen dissident TV.

Music video premiere
We would like to offer the joint production of the US band Foreign Accent, known for its song Turkmenbashi blues and TurkmenDisidentTV.

Gods working visit to Turkmenistan: President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov removed from office
Nonofficial chronicle
Today God held a working visit to Turkmenistan to review work on meeting the targets of the enactment of the latest plan of action for the world, at which various issues of further perfecting of the activity of the organs of state in Turkmenistan were reviewed. The session, held at the presidential palace in Ashgabad, took place in the presence of the President of Turkmenistan, the Cabinet of Ministers and leaders of the Mejlis.

Dictators Without Borders
Report fairytale
The leaders of some countries were so fed up with the figures from polls, carried out by various Freedom Houses and Reporters Without Borders, which showed their countries as non-liberal and undemocratic, that they decided to establish their own international organization and conduct a rating for their own states. The name chosen for the organization was high-profile but unpretentious: Dictators Without Borders.

Despite a new Constitution, life continues to be amended by the authorities
The Turkmen press just glorified the country`s authorities for the new achievement adoption of the amendments to the Constitution but two weeks after the adoption, a law On election of deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan was approved which reads A citizen of Turkmenistan, who has been residing in Turkmenistan during the last 10 years prior to the election, can be nominated to be deputy of the Mejlis.

A new episode of the animated cartoon Berdoon is available for viewing.

The twelve Turkmen months
A new years fairytale
On the eve of the night which was to be followed by a new year, the President was pacing his spacious office from one corner to the other.

One speaker different audiences
Our President, addressing the United Nations in New York, has astonished the whole world, and, primarily the residents of his home country, by stating that Turkmenistan is facing no issues with regard to human rights; that independent mass media exist and other freedoms are respected as well. In a nutshell, to the envy of the entire international community, little remains to be done to facilitate the overwhelming victory of democracy.

Potential opposition
President Berdymukhammedov has been become the leader of the Democratic Party, the only political organization in the country.

Doctor twice over, or Theory and practice of Turkmen medicine
Comment page
Finally, it happened: the main doctor in the country was awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
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