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Low-key fight against vakhabits
In Turkmenistan, an unpublicized fight against potential terrorists represented by untraditional Islam adherents, as viewed by the authorities, is being intensified. Referring to them as vakhabits, the special services officers initiate criminal cases against the community leaders and force their young followers to shave their beards.

Adherents of a different faith
On 20 July, 47 people from the youth Christian group, including two pastors, from registered Protestant churches in Dashoguz, Turkmenabat, Ashgabat and Bezmein (Abadan) following the tradition made a two-day visit to the picturesque Sekiz-Yab in the Geoktepe etrap to spend time together, pray and hold contests on their knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

Counterpart Consortium ceased its operations in Turkmenistan but failed to create civil society
Since September rumors have been circulating that the international organization Counterpart Consortium (CC) has closed down its operations. On 1 December the rumours were proved to be correct after the newspaper Neitralny Turkmenistan published job vacancies posted by another international organization Emergency Market Group (EMG). This organization won a tender for implementing the local governance support project in Turkmenistan.

Legalizing lawlessness
The adoption of Turkmenistans Law On anti money laundering and terrorism funding triggered the amendments to other countrys laws, including the law On public associations and Freedom of religion and religious organizations.

Elderly community activities under a ban
The international day of elderly people is celebrated as a public holiday in Turkmenistan. This might have prompted public officials to assume that elderly NGO activists are not welcomed at this feast.

It is better to make the church unnoticeable
In the administrative centre of the velayat - the city of Dashoguz the construction of an Orthodox church is drawing to a close. This is the first Orthodox temple in the countrys northern province. The church building with domes, crosses and bells is a bizarre sight here.

Forbidden movement
In 2006 a socio-political democratic movement Pathway to Freedom was set up in Turkmenistan.

storgo po odnomu NPO
Only one NGO allowed to operate in each sphere
Over the past year and a half, i.e. under Berdymukhammedovs presidency, only one public association the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs - was registered by the Adalat Ministry (the Ministry of Justice). The campaign to set up this organization was initiated by Berdymukhammedov.

Cerkov v dashoguze dostroyat
The construction of the Dashoguz church to be finalized
The Dashoguz authorities have finally given permission to complete the construction of the Orthodox Church in the city. On June 23 the municipal khyakimliks office endorsed the documents on land allocation as well as the construction project.

k demokratizacii cherez zaprety
Bans pave the way towards democracy
The representatives of the local communities in the Balkan velayat of Turkmenistan failed to expand their legal knowledge after the training session Campaign against legal illiteracy was banned by the local authorities.
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