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Photo: the US Embassy in Ashgabat
Turkmen students come home brainwashed
Olar bozulup gelyar (they are coming back home brainwashed), - the employees of the Turkmen special services told school principals demanding that the latter do everything possible to discourage schoolchildren from applying to the educational exchange programs administered by the US.

The public prosecutors office restored justice
Educators holding foreign university diplomas have succeeded in securing their rights. After the involvement of the public prosecutors office their rights to receive the same salary as their colleagues holding Turkmen diplomas were restored.

Students life made more complicated
After eight p.m. the doors of students hostels in Turkmenistan are closed and nobody can get in and out. At 10:00 p.m. the lights are turned off in hostels.

Second-quality diplomas
In Turkmenistan, the clampdown on specialists holding foreign university diplomas is shifting to new dimensions. In particular, in the field of education such people are considered unqualified and treated as specialists without diplomas, which has adversely affected their salaries.

Turkmen students to depart to Russian and Belarus universities
Admissions tests to Russian and Belarus universities were completed in Ashgabat. The selection was very competitive over 100 applicants per place and for selected specialized fields up to 150 individuals per place. It should be noted that many of those seeking admission were eliminated when submitting their application documents.

Computer security
The new academic year started in all schools across the country. The official print media are quoted as saying that many schools are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and interactive multimedia resources, as well as language labs and computer classes.

School is a barrack while the Rukhama is its charter
The Rukhnama still remains a mandatory subject in the curriculum of the Turkmen schools and the requirement to wear school uniforms by students and teachers has been made more severe.

With the Rukhnama to Russian and Belarus universities
The admissions procedures for applicants seeking admission to Russian and Belarus educational establishments is currently underway in Turkmenistan. Along with the testing in major subjects, all applicants, regardless of their chosen field of specialization, must take an exam in the Holy Rukhnama.

New Chancellor new rates
After President G. Berdymukhammedov appointed a new chancellor of the Turkmen State University the largest higher educational establishment in the country in July, the amount of bribe which needs to be paid to be admitted to a university has risen sharply.

Evacuated forever
Many Turkmen students, enrolled in higher educational establishments in Kyrgyzstan, will not be able to continue their education. Among them are those students who were evacuated to Turkmenistan from Kyrgyzstans city of Osh in June 2010.
Pages: 1 2 3 ... 17 18 19 
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