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Everybody to the celebrations
Another mobilization of the population for the new festivities was initiated in Turkmenistan. At the recent session of the Cabinet of Ministers, President G. Berdymukhamedov required the vice prime minister M. Yazmukhamedova, who is in charge of festive ceremonies and celebrations in the country, to hold at a high level all festive activities related to the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Turkmenistan`s neutrality on 12 December.

To acquit or to pardon
The May decree of the President of Turkmenistan On Pardoning left disappointed not only human rights activities, who had been raising alarm bells about the fate of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience over the past years. It came as an even stronger disappointment to the relatives of those, who were imprisoned during Niyazov`s time for so-called economic crimes.

chuzoy primer - drugim nauka
Setting an example for others?
From now on, such vehicles damaged in the accidents are set forth for all to see at each road inspection checkpoint of the Interior Ministry of Turkmenistan (see the photos).

Bezvodie v Turkmenistane
Lack of water in Turkmenistan
A drop of water is a nugget of gold, residents of sunny Turkmenistan seem to be fully aware of the meaning of this saying this year. There is an acute lack of irrigation water.

V T-stane prohodit podpiska
Subscription to periodicals is underway in Turkmenistan
Despite the lack of choice of newspapers and magazines, their circulation has not decreased and the number of subscribers remains the same. All employed citizens of the country are obliged to subscribe to periodicals.

Kto spaset dereva
Who will save the trees, or the disposable palace
A large construction project has been launched in Dashoguz. Along the Gerogly prospect (former Yuzhnaya street), a Turkish company Sekhil fenced off a huge plot of land for the construction of the Rukhyet Palace with a hall designed to hold 2800 seats.

Esche odin pamyatnik na doroge
One more monument on the road of death
All automobile roads in the Dashoguz velayat are in such bad condition that local drivers call them roads of death.

Rumours give rise to boom
Turkmenistani citizens are concerned with new rumours about the increase of air ticket prices.

Anniversary of that very day
This coming Friday Turkmenistan is going to mark the first anniversary of the death of the first countrys President Saparmurat Niyazov.
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