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Depraved youth
In present-day Turkmenistan, which is considered to be a traditional society, it is not easy to find a young man or especially a girl of conservative views and high moral standards either in the towns or in rural areas.

Turkmens in Turkey
Report from Istanbul
When once in 2008 President Berdymukhamedov visited Turkey, he showed off in a discussion with his colleague Abdullah Gul by saying that people in Turkmenistan live a wealthy life. In reply, Abdullah Gul waved his hand and said something of the sort: “Come on, half of Turkmenistan is working in my country to support yours...”

Turkmen reality show
It seems that the practice established back in Niyazov`s time to put on display new criminals to TV viewers has been revived in Turkmenistan. A common scene: he/she publicly repents the crime committed and prominent people speaking from the platform flagellate the repented. The program ends by showing the money, which the person was earned illegally, jewelry, houses with swimming pools and saunas…

budet li hleb v dostatke
Will bread be sufficient?
The tensions around grain, flour and bread are rising in Turkmenistan. This time, they have been caused by the unwillingness of the authorities to promulgate the amount of the harvested wheat yield.
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