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Private and state interests of the Turkmen celestials
Recently the country’s President signed a decree on measures to facilitate Turkmenistan’s joining the EurAsian group combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. We gathered information on some of those who, as the government of the country, must ensure that Turkmenistan meets its commitments as a member of this international organization.

What’s to be done?
Within one week the Turkmen authorities have received several ambiguous signals, which will have to be considered in their future activities.

Disparate expenditures
Central newspapers, issued on 18 January, were delivered to the Turkmen subscribers with long delays. The staff of printing houses had to delete any mention to the sums, allotted by the presidential order for the construction of several objects in the newspapers, which were already ready for printing. These sums looked very indiscreet, particularly in comparison with recently published budget expenditures, allotted to the social sphere.

The updated management of Turkmenistan
Following the established tradition, at the expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers that summed up the results of 2009, the President changed several heads of ministers and departments. Now, starting 15 January 2010, the country is headed by the following officials:

Как работает «Буиг» в Туркменистане
How Bouygues operates in Turkmenistan
The story about how the French-based company Bouygues presented the Turkmen President with an exclusive racing car and immediately offered their services in carrying out much more expensive construction projects in Turkmenistan, was covered by us and other mass media.

Денежные (и не только денежные) вопросы
Financial (and not only financial) issues
Today, on 13 April the President of Turkmenistan signed decrees allotting over 1 billion dollars for the construction and reconstruction of specific objects. The sum is significant even for a wealthy state. All these objects are located in the capital. All contracts will be concluded with one construction company: Polimeks Insaat Taahhut we Sanayi Tijaret A.S.

Туркменские крестьяне
Turkmen peasants
Despite the high-profile reform of the agricultural sector, the Balkan velayat is still focusing on growing wheat and cotton, and this has to be done not by peasants but teachers, engineers, postmen and drivers …

Туристы или гастарбайтеры?
Tourists or Gastarbeiters?
The number of Turkmen gastarbeiters in Russia is still not as high as that of Tadjik, Kyrgyz or Moldovan workers. Up until recently, the migration of workers seeking employment out of Turkmenistan was not as large-scale as was the case in neighboring countries.

Имя - забыть, а методы - помнить
A name to forget but methods to remember
An inspection of ideological symbols is underway in Turkmenistan. Members of the specially established state commission are visiting organizations, institutions and enterprises in the country and confiscating the books authored by the former great S. Turkmenbashi.

Последние из могикан
The last of the Mohicans
Following the changes in the composition of the Turkmen government during the past 7 days, only 3 ministers appointed by S. Niyazov remained in their posts as members of the Cabinet, excluding the head of the government himself - G. Berdymukhamedov who was appointed by the Minister of Health Care and Medical Industry back in 1997.
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