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On the conduct of Turkmen President during the Abadan tragedy, or you cannot hide a pig in a poke
Apparently, being scared by the Abadan incident, instead of addressing the residents with words of compassion and support, G. Berdymukhammedov instructed his subordinates to prevent any information leakage about what had happened. In every possible way he tried to mislead both his residents and the international community by belittling the scope of the tragedy and claiming no casualties and inconsiderable destructions due to fireworks explosion.

For my friends, anything. For enemies, the law!
The penal system has existed for centuries all over the world. It is designed not only to punish a criminal but primarily to demonstrate to the society that defendants will be held responsible for the crime they committed. In Turkmenistan this system functions in a bit different way.

For whom mubaraks toll
The letter to the Turkmen President
The Turkmen mass media do not report about the knock-on effect of revolutions which are occurring in the Arab countries. There is evidence that the authorities are concerned about more enjoyable things. For instance, the Vice Prime Minister headed for China to learn about their experiences in organizing recreational and cultural events. Apparently it is beyond the comprehension of the Turkmen leaders that crowds can organize themselves without the governments involvement and for occasions which are far from being festive.

The point of no return
Many still remember the elderly Finnish diplomat Martti Ahtisaari paying Niyazov numerous historical visits and later assuring the whole world that dialogue is underway and Turkmenistan will see democratic changes soon No changes followed.

Gratitude to the Turkmen Foreign Ministry
It is an open secret that human rights activists try to use every possibility to convey their points of view on the human rights situation in their home country to the international community. Regrettably, these opportunities are limited. But sometimes, very unexpectedly, those who have previously opposed the activities of human right defenders in every possible way, render assistance.

From enemy 8, Or we are not welcome there
Reports on black lists compiled by the Turkmen authorities of undesirable organizations and individuals, who are unwelcome in Turkmenistan, have been posted on the internet.

From Turkmenbashi to the Present: Prospects for Change in Turkmenistan
We would like to bring to your attention an adapted and abridged version of the report presented on June 4 at the National Endowment for Democracy office in Washington, D.C.

The grandmother and grandsons
The son for the father
On Sunday, June 6 I received information from Dashoguz (a city in the north of Turkmenistan where I resided before my immigration), that the staff members of the Dashoguz velayats office of the National Security Ministry (MNS) paid visits to local schools in an attempt to find out where and when my sons studied and who were their classmates.

The Turkmen law on political parties, or a two-party system
During the Elders Council session, which was recently held in Dashoguz and viewed by the authorities as significant, the President of Turkmenistan once again touched upon the introduction of a multi-party system. However, he was only referring to the new Daikhan (farmers) party. Taking into account that only one political party operates in the county and from now onward there will be two, I would refer to it as a political system with limited number of parties rather than a multi-party system to be more precise.

Ashgabat. Demolishing of a residential house due to construction of a new presidential palace. Photo of the Chronicles of Turkmenistan
We are homeless now
On February 2 2010, demolishing of houses in the Karakumgydrostroi village (the name was kept from Soviet times), which is located 30 km away from Ashgabat, has commenced. Some residents of the village, who lost hope to find justice in Turkmenistan, requested us for assistance.
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