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Beyond the point of common sense...
By Altyn Asyrova

За гранью здравого смысла...The decision of the authorities to forcibly dismantle the air conditioning units in Ashgabat has no rational justification. This goes beyond the point of common sense. It cannot be explained by any expedience. It is merely absurd...

The previous decision to dismantle satellite dishes was justified by the intention to beautify the city. There was some, though with a stretch of imagination, rationale behind it. According to the logic of the authorities, satellite aerials are not of vital importance. Moreover, the dismantled individual dishes were to be replaced with collective antennae, i.e. in fact with cable television but without the choice of satellite channels. However, at least some alternative was offered.

Now, the authorities are depriving the country`s citizens of one of the vital elements for a comfortable and decent life. It is an open secret that the concrete buildings in hot climates are no better designed for a comfortable life than huts in the tundra. However, in contrast with the latter, the temperature in a concrete apartment can remain above 30C for months while increasing to 45C-50C during the day! In this situation, an air conditioner is no longer a luxury item; it is essential for life. There is no need for any reason as it is obvious.

Yet, the reasons which led the authorities to make this decision are not so obvious. Some explain it by the President`s manic tendency to clean and tidy. However, his measures to strive for cleanliness are very selective. Having ordered the dismantling of the dishes and air conditioning units along the so-called “protocol” routes, which he normally takes and might take, he has not issued any instructions to reorganise and clean up the waste disposal and water supply systems, particularly in multi-storey apartment blocks; or finally to arrange for public toilets in the city. This is nothing else but window dressing as people tended to call it not so long ago.

Others blame the overly zealous officers from the President`s security apparatus for this decision. Allegedly, it was them who advised that the body of air conditioners be removed due to the fact that one can easily hide an explosive device inside. It is hard to imagine that anyone who would dare to hide a bomb in the wall of one’s own apartment. However, this version of the reason behind the fight against air conditioners is very popular among the city residents.

Whatever is the reason is, many residents of the apartment blocks along the presidential routes will soon ‘enjoy’ the fruits of the President’s care about the appearance of the city. Or about his own, presidential, safety. The summer is going to be hot…

Mister President!

Please kindly make a TV appeal and inform the public that you personally and your family have stopped using air conditioners. You don`t need to explain the reasons; the people will show solidarity with you and will tolerate the heat if the President himself has chosen to do this. It remains unclear why this is being done.

Or order your people to return the air conditioners. Otherwise, your words about caring for the wellbeing and health of the people are not worth a pin. The people do not understand this! This lies beyond the edge of understanding!


Editorial Note

We have recently received information that the residents of several apartment blocks in Ashgabat have prepared letters addressed to the President and the city’s khyakim and are currently collecting signatures. The people are trying to get the thoughtlessness of the decision to dismantle the air conditions in the residential complexes over to the authorities, and the serious consequences this may lead to.

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