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Abadan tragedy
Our regular correspondent (a resident of the countys province located remotely from Ashgabat) has sent an eye-witness report.
I found out about the fire and subsequent explosions at the arms deport from the newcasts broadcast by the Russian channels only on 8 July in the morning, i.e. 18 hours after the first explosions hit the town.

Turkmen standard of living. Comparisons
The head of the state made the following statement at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers held on 25 February: Our main objective is to ensure the standard of living for the Turkmen people, which is in line with the standards of developed European countries. Is anyone in the country, including the President himself, aware of existing standards of living in developed European countries?

Drug addiction: Preventive fight
Decisions, adopted by officials to tackle the problem of drug addiction, often seem spontaneous, premature and uncoordinated, and sometimes even weird.

Construction sites and garbage
When conducting building and assembly works, Polimex does not follow the norms and standards of construction works, which subsequently leads to contamination of the areas around the construction sites and causes many problems for the employees of organizations and residents of the apartment blocks, which are located in the proximity of the sites.

Hostages of Polimex construction projects
The Ashgabat International School, which was launched in Ashgabat in the late 1990s and is under the patronage of the US Embassy in Turkmenistan, has become a hostage of Polimex. The children of foreign diplomats and businessmen, who are accredited and are working in Turkmenistan, are studying there.

Expenses required for family vacations in Avaza
During recent days, the Turkmen mass media are competing to advertise the Avaza tourist zone, a health resort pearl and a favorite baby of Berdymukhamedov. One could easily do without this advertising as in July and August Turkmenistani citizens traditionally head to the Caspian shores. However, the number of Turkmen residents going for vacation to the seaside is decreasing with each year.

Migration Service is assisting citizens
Due to the approaching of the holiday season, queues of those wishing to get a new international passport are seen already today at the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan.

On prisons again
Following the publication of the report on penitentiary facilities, we received a lot of comments and feedback from the readers, who know the situation first-hand. Our colleague in Turkmenistan has also gathered some additional information.

Frozen construction projects in Turkmenistan
Financing of construction projects has been stopped not only in the Lebap velayat as was reported earlier but across the entire country. The only exceptions are the companies, which are immediate partners of the President in the construction business. They are fully financed.

Being a Minister of Health Care at the height of the bird flu epidemic (2005-2006), Mr Berdymukhamedov argued that we do not have and cannot have bird flu as all migrating birds, which were considered to be carriers of the disease, do not fly across and do not stay in Turkmenistan during the winter.
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